Keeping the count [updated]

We are proud to tell you that, after many dark years of trenchcoatness, we finally reached a point thats so heartbreaking and tearjerking that i feel a lump in my throat! Our next gig, which will take place 20 december in Patronaat Haarlem, will be our gig number 200! For this special occurence we will do nothing extra, its kind of a farce anyway because we didnt count radio performances 😀 However, we will make sure that there is more than enough beer for everyone!

In other emotional news, we have spent the last year building our own TrenchcoaT studios, practising room and head quarters, which have now been completed! The neighbours dont know it yet but we presume they will find out soon, complaints about weird loud noises can be mailed to Anyway, this means that we can soon start working on a new album!

See you in Haarlem!

UPDATE: The doors will open at 20:00, and we will be hitting the stage as early as 20:30, so if you really dont like us, be sure to come late!

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