Worldtour Hillegom

There is a talk in town, there is a rumour and a whisper…could it be true? TrenchcoaT back on track? Hell yeah, that is right! Since our album is being mixed at this very moment, we thought it would be fun to do a couple of try out gigs to get the feeling of playing live back. So that is why we are planning to bring the beautiful village of Hillegom a little visit. First off all you lovely people can witness us this coming Saturday the 4th of February in Solution. We will be playing in De Hut, which is the small hall. We have chosen this hall for its more intimite atmosphere, with room for just about a hundred people. The entrance is completely free and doors will open at 9, so be sure to be there on time! What can you expect? Some rock n roll, jazz and blues madness and perhaps some new tunes…who knows.

Two weeks later, the 18th of February that is, you can find us playing in Murphys Law, again in Hillegom.

Hope to see you all there!

Pix fix

As our new album is getting closer and closer and closer to awesomeness in its most obscure form, we’re starting to do some more gigs again! Last month we killed some eardrums at the Big Rivers Festival in Dordrecht, and someone was kind enough to take some pics:








You are the 876.432th visitor to our site and therefore have won a free download of two versions of Racing With The Devil! But, be careful when playing them in cars… sometimes unpredictable things may happen!

Click here to download the original Racing With The Devil, and click here to download Racing With The Devil by John Hatton!

Yeah, maestro John Hatton himself was kind enough to let you download his MP3 of Racing with the Devil from our site for free. Thanks John!!!

Cover TrenchcoaT song on new album Johnny Hatton

The legendary American musician Johnny (Spazz) Hatton (best known as the upright bass player for The Brian Setzer Orchestra, but also for playing with artists like Elvis Presley, Clark Terry, Gene Harris and the Royal Crown Revue) has released his great new album Gospel Bop, a straight-up mix of rockabilly and country with blues, jazz and gospel influences.

Together with Bernie Dresel (drummer for The Brian Sezter Orchestra) and some of his L.A. musician friends mr. Hatton collected and wrote fourteen tracks that reflect his journey trough life.

Recently TrenchcoaT has been approached by Johnny, who asked our permission to cover one of our songs for his brand new album.

And so it happened!

We proudly announce that his cover of our rockabilly classic Racing with the Devil from our debutalbum Rolling in Style is now present on Gospel Bop!

Be sure to check out his CD! (Click that link for some juicy sound samples!)

Also, make your ears ejaculate by clicking here to listen to the original Racing With The Devil!

In other news; we are aware of the fact that we are really testing your patience concerning our new album…but it will be worth the wait! The recordings will be finished this summer, and we are rehearsing some new tunes. So stay tuned!

German vampire caught on tape

Some crazy mofos from Germany used our song Whatcha Got in a movie they made for a school project! If you are in the mood to see a chick being brutally harassed by a vampire, check it out:

In other news, keep checking the site cause we will be doing some shows in your town sooner than you think! Also, we are fairly positive our new album might probably come out this year, yeah!