New Album Update

The drums are finished, and they sound a bit like a pounding hoard of puking polarbears, but then much better smelling and with lots of warmth in it, more tightly swinging and without so much fur. G on his own drumsound: “It sounds sweet like a jagermeister while maintaining the richness of a glennfiddich.”

Right now Plec and To are laying down the next layer of guitar and piano, which is sounding mighty fine already! To on his newly bought piano: “It looks so good!” Plec on his guitarsound: “If it was a nice cold beer i would drink it!”


We just got back from the amazing MadNes Festival and for now really need a vacation! But do not worry, hold your tears, we will be back on stage in August. Check out the gig section for new dates!

Furthermore the recordings of our new album are coming along great! The drums are almost finished, so we will start recording the rhythm section (piano, upright bass and guitar) soon, followed by the horn section.

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Whatcha Got on National Radio & TV

This time without a questionmark, its gonna happen! Tonight between 0:00 and 4:00, the Dutch prophet of music himself Giel Beelen will do an interview on 3FM with our own Mr. Boogie about our videoclip of Whatcha Got! Giels program Nachtegiel is also broadcasted on TV on Nederland 3, where the clip will be shown!

If you cant wait till then and need a fix, go ahead and check it here, its free 😉

Whatcha Got wins Best Music Video in Louisiana

The Red Stick International Animation Festival Awards, which took place April 16-19 in Louisiana, received 207 film submissions from 27 countries for the annual competition. The festival awarded prizes in five categories to showcase the best work of the festival. Our video clip of the song Whatcha Got, made by the ever pimping Rogier Wieland, took the number one spot of the category Best Music Video!

Unfortunately, the bastards forgot to mention our name! Still we are grateful 😉 Check the whole press release here.

Check our multiple-award winning, no animal harming, steaming hot swinging wicked ho bitch-ass video clip over here!

A Sound Quest

So yeah, we built this studio of our own, which is a neat place to hang out and drink whiskey, but what the hell is next? Next, dear readers, is an album thats gonna sound like a massive blast of swinging pleasure for the ear! So, to find this great sounding sound, we are placing microphones EVERYWHERE (no not there but almost everywhere) to capture the best possible sounds.. I mean, we are just walking through the studio with as much mics as we can get a hold of and listening for that magic sound that sounds like a massive blast of swinging pleasure… And when we have found it, we shall press the record button! The Experiment has begun!

Park Open Live Music Prize 2008

Last summer we had this gig at the Park Open Festival in Arnhem. The sun shined like a nuclear pancake, so we played a couple of tunes, drunk some beer, sniffed some glue, and went home again, the usual stuff. Now it turns out we won an actual prize!!!

The jury voted unanimously for TrenchcoaT because “The members of the band dress perfectly, give a fantastic show and their swinging music makes everybody happy! Their live performance radiates energy and charisma, and the crowd goes crazy because of the moving solos!”

The prize includes a headliner gig next summer at Park Open, and a phat wad of dough!

Keeping the count [updated]

We are proud to tell you that, after many dark years of trenchcoatness, we finally reached a point thats so heartbreaking and tearjerking that i feel a lump in my throat! Our next gig, which will take place 20 december in Patronaat Haarlem, will be our gig number 200! For this special occurence we will do nothing extra, its kind of a farce anyway because we didnt count radio performances 😀 However, we will make sure that there is more than enough beer for everyone!

In other emotional news, we have spent the last year building our own TrenchcoaT studios, practising room and head quarters, which have now been completed! The neighbours dont know it yet but we presume they will find out soon, complaints about weird loud noises can be mailed to Anyway, this means that we can soon start working on a new album!

See you in Haarlem!

UPDATE: The doors will open at 20:00, and we will be hitting the stage as early as 20:30, so if you really dont like us, be sure to come late!