The Making Of Whatcha Got

I recently found this site that has a high quality version of The Making Of “Whatcha Got”, our gangsta pimping ho bitchass videoclip from last year, and I figured probably no one has yet seen it!

So, to see the insanity, the inhumanity, the pure nightmare that we have gone through creating this masterpiece of cardboard madness, go here!

First Popronde Events

Tomorrow we will hit the stage in Nijmegen on the first Popronde event. Check the following websites for more information about the adress et cetera; and

There will be a total of 50 (!) bands playing all around Nijmegen, how cool is that, and all completely free!

TrenchcoaT will start playing around 23:45 h.

Next week you got the chance to see TrenchcoaT twice! Wednesday in Alle Hens Aan Dek in Alphen a/d Rijn ( and Thursday during the second Popronde event in Rootz Den Haag ( We hope to see you there!

El-Cid Festival Tomorrow & First Gigs Popronde

Tomorrow afternoon TrenchcoaT will perform a 45 min. set full of swinging madness at the El-Cid Festival in Leiden (Leidse Hout). We will start around 16h15! Hope to see you there! The location is close to the central station (

Furthermore, we can announce the first gigs at the Popronde, which will take us to every corner of the country. Check the gigsection for all the new dates!

Our recording studio is really almost done now, so new recordings will start soon!

Popronde & More

We have been selected for this year’s edition of the prestigious Popronde, which travels through 19 bigger cities in Holland between September and November! This really great initiative means you can watch lots of bands on numerous stages ….for free! How cool is that?! Check for more info! We’ll soon let you know where and if TrenchcoaT will hit the stage in a city near you!

Furthermore we have been working very hard building our own recording studio. It takes a lot of work, but the result will definitely kick major ass! We hope to upload some pictures of our TrenchcoaT Mansion soon!

This Friday we will perform with Santanero and the Beatbusters in W2 Den Bosch. Doors open at 8, and the first band will start half an hour later.

Next Saturday we will be playing on the MadNes Festival on Ameland ( Keywords? Surf, swing, rock and roll, sun, beach, lots of bands, booze…….There are just a few tickets left! You don’t want to miss that!

Hope to see you at one of the coming gigs!

Big thanks

Last week we asked everyone to vote for us at the Yahoo Video Awards, and we are still amazed at the INSANE amount of votes we got! Thank you for voting! Apparently we didnt win because an other band triggered some gamers forum filled with angry teenagers, but still we nearly took the #1 spot! We still won some packs of Yahoo Video goodies though, so i guess that will keep us off the streets for some time 😉

Whatcha Got Nominated for The Worldwide Yahoo! Best Indie Music Video of 2008!!!

The Oscar winners are only just announced as the world moves on to the next big thing: The Worldwide Yahoo Best Indie Music Video of 2008! And our gangsta pimping ho bitchass videoclip Whatcha Got is nominated! 🙂 Hell yeah… seems like we didnt cut out 10000+ cardboard figures for nothing 😉 Voting can only be done until march 21, so until then, keep voting every day until your hands bleed! To vote, GO HERE! (or clicky on the amazing badge below:)

Vote TrenchcoaT

Galactic Leap Day News

In our eternal quest to bring swing to the galaxy, its always nice to play in the milkyway! Saturday March 8 we are supportact for the Beatbusters, who will present their new CD in one of the holiest places in the Netherlands: De Melkweg, Amsterdam! We will be rocking the stage with 30 minutes of pure twenties-style swinging action, featuring the legendary solos of Jape the Raping Ape, the thundering scallywagscat of the Amazing Wobbo, and the mirrordance of the Monkey-twins! For a true freakshow, you know where to go… You are invited!