Sad news

Unfortunately we have some sad news to share with you this evening. Mr. El Baco a.k.a. Waits’s prodigal son, the comedian, our captain from the start but above all dear friend has decided to part ways with Trenchcoat. We regret but fully respect his tough decision. We are greatful for all the unforgettable memories we collected on our 20-year long adventure!

The good news is that are still three opportunities left to see us perform with Baak! You don’t wanna miss that!

1) Café Lokaal (Heemskerk) / 22-10 /

2) Studio Gonz (Gouda) / 26-11 /

3) Buckshot Café (Groningen) / 11-12 (Sunday afternoon) /

Baak’s departure doesn’t mean the end for Trenchcoat, just the beginning of a new exciting chapter! That means we start our quest for an awesome new frontman!

What would you like to see in a new frontman?

Any suggestions? Please let us know!


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