Worldtour Hillegom

There is a talk in town, there is a rumour and a whisper…could it be true? TrenchcoaT back on track? Hell yeah, that is right! Since our album is being mixed at this very moment, we thought it would be fun to do a couple of try out gigs to get the feeling of playing live back. So that is why we are planning to bring the beautiful village of Hillegom a little visit. First off all you lovely people can witness us this coming Saturday the 4th of February in Solution. We will be playing in De Hut, which is the small hall. We have chosen this hall for its more intimite atmosphere, with room for just about a hundred people. The entrance is completely free and doors will open at 9, so be sure to be there on time! What can you expect? Some rock n roll, jazz and blues madness and perhaps some new tunes…who knows.

Two weeks later, the 18th of February that is, you can find us playing in Murphys Law, again in Hillegom.

Hope to see you all there!

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